Neon Signs

The Greyhound Bus Depot Illustration Drops

I am excited to announce the drop of a new addition to the Neon Lights Collection: The Greyhound Bus Depot Sign. This special sign is one of my favorites, as it is somewhat rare, and it features a running greyhound. It isn’t a static sign.

A few years ago Relight the Night, the initiative that restores neon signs in Pocatello, repaired this sign. Pop in to 313 Whiskey Bar one evening, grab a drink and a seat, and you’ll be able see the sign in all its glory. The sign also marks the start of Neon Alley, along Union Pacific Avenue. If you’re a shutterbug this is a good place to capture all the neon goodness the Gate City has to offer.

Prints of this beauty will be available in a couple weeks. You can pre-order yours now to insure you get one!

The Greyhound Bus Depot Neon Sign

The Greyhound Bus Depot Neon Sign

Red's Gateway Keys & Cycle Neon Sign

As I've said before, when moving to Pocatello I was amazed at how many neon signs are here. I have counted 27 vintage signs, so far. I find myself wondering what happened to these businesses, researching their history. This will be an ongoing project for me. I am planning to illustrate a majority of our local vintage signs. Stay tuned! 

As far as I can tell, this company still exists in Pocatello. I have read that the sign is thought to be from the 1950s, but it is possible it was a bit later. The business profile says the company has been around for at least 46 years! Do you know? Share below!

Red's Gateway Keys & Cycle
Digital, 2018

reds keys sketch-01.jpg