Day One of 31 Days of Gumption

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I have had some awesome response to this month’s #31DaysofGumption. A number of friends are going to give it a whirl and I am so stoked! Keep an eye out on Instagram via the hashtag above to see all the cool work.

IT IS DAY ONE OF #31Daysof Gumption.

Are you pumped?! Are you participating? (See Recent videos for details.)

For my 31 days I am choosing to create an icon a day. These icons represent ‘tools.’  Tools that I use to craft my creative work.

First up, the camera; it is a vital tool that I have used for years. I first used a camera to document sorority events, which landed me the special position of Historian. (Quite possibly the only one in the history of DBN.) I then upgraded to a nice Canon Rebel T3 to use during my work as a graphic designer. This camera traveled to the UK with me, to Hawaii, Washington DC, and to countless professional and personal events. It still serves as a secondary workhorse in my studio. As my interest in video and photography grows so does the gear that I use! These days I use the camera to capture animals, places, and things that I use in my illustrations. Over the years I have taken countless images to add to my personal library.

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