Gumption is Moving

Gumption HQ.jpg

In December of this year I began moving into my magical little studio in the Kane Building. I have loved that studio for its spaciousness, its light, and those old wood floors. It has enabled me to meet with clients and to invite the public in for First Friday Art Walks. I have met so many great people this year!

However, this month Gumption will be moving out of the Kane Building and into our new house! Can I tell you how exciting it sounds to roll out of bed, make a cup of coffee, and start painting? The commute is easy!

What does this mean for Gumption? Gumption is alive and well! You can pick up Gumption Gear at the Poky Dot Boutique. Sue has Gumption stickers, cards, and prints. You can also find a couple of Idaho stickers at Pegasus A-Z. And, lastly, you can visit

I appreciate your support and business this year!