Relight the Night


We moved to Pocatello a couple years ago. My husband is from the area, but I am a transplant. Of course, we love it here!  When getting acquainted with the city I began noticing all the neon signs around town. I was intrigued!
I decided these signs would make for a great project—to illustrate all the signs in town! I took dozens of photos and started with illustrating the Chief Theater sign first with the hope to illustrate all of them eventually.
Recently, I learned about the initiative of a group called “Relight the Night.” They rehab the iconic neon signs you see around. And, as it appears, they have quite the list to repair! It looks like they could use our help to make some of these goals a reality, too. If you are a Pocatello native (or one at heart) and would like to contribute a few bucks to the cause, visit their GO FUND ME page at:

Learn more about the group: