The Greyhound Bus Depot Illustration Drops

I am excited to announce the drop of a new addition to the Neon Lights Collection: The Greyhound Bus Depot Sign. This special sign is one of my favorites, as it is somewhat rare, and it features a running greyhound. It isn’t a static sign.

A few years ago Relight the Night, the initiative that restores neon signs in Pocatello, repaired this sign. Pop in to 313 Whiskey Bar one evening, grab a drink and a seat, and you’ll be able see the sign in all its glory. The sign also marks the start of Neon Alley, along Union Pacific Avenue. If you’re a shutterbug this is a good place to capture all the neon goodness the Gate City has to offer.

Prints of this beauty will be available in a couple weeks. You can pre-order yours now to insure you get one!

The Greyhound Bus Depot Neon Sign

The Greyhound Bus Depot Neon Sign


Final Illustration / © 2019 Gumption

Final Illustration / © 2019 Gumption

“Tell me the stories behind your sticker illustrations,” she said in the summer sun during the Pocatello PRIDE festival. She was a sticker collector who cherished the miniature art pieces, attaching them to a special cabinet at home

“Okay! Sure,” I smiled.

As an artist, sometimes I forget to share the most important behind-the-scenes action: the idea. How the idea blooms and the image come to fruition is the best part. Every sticker DOES have a story. Sometimes it’s just true fan art and sometimes it is an inside joke with a friend. This brings me to my newest sticker—a unicorn.

Who doesn’t love unicorns? You see them everywhere—pencil boxes, unicorn shaped backpacks, headbands with a horn, and on and on. They are everywhere. I wanted to do something more painterly with my special creature. As a major animal fan, I wanted this unicorn to feel real, relatable, and regal.

I also wanted to focus on the message.  Unicorns are unique, beautiful, and magical. So are people. In this day, when having the perfect Instagram grid is a thing or when selfies are more “self model-ish,” we forget that being different is a good thing.

I say, be your own unicorn, baby! 🦄 There’s no one like you. And that’s awesome. Celebrate your uniqueness and quit comparing yourself to others, or impossible standards. This sticker rejoices in all these things! If you can relate and the unicorn is your spirit animal, grab one of these beauties here.

Rough Sketch on the iPad

Rough Sketch on the iPad

31 Days of Gumption Wrap-up Video

It’s been a minute since we wrapped up 31 Days of Gumption, but I filmed this video on the last day as a sort of wrap-up. If you participated in #31DaysofGumption and would like to contribute your thoughts, feel free to do so below. I was unable to capture ALL the incredible work that was created for this project, but you will see some snippets of great photography, movement, drawing, and other creative endeavors. A big “thank you” to all participants for playing along. You ROCK!

My friend Julie thoughtfully penned her thoughts on the project. Check out her blog post at:…/31-things-i-l…

Keep an eye on my blog ( or my social media channels @ihavegumption for the next fun project we can embark on!

Day One of 31 Days of Gumption

31 Days of Gumption #1 BW-01.jpg

I have had some awesome response to this month’s #31DaysofGumption. A number of friends are going to give it a whirl and I am so stoked! Keep an eye out on Instagram via the hashtag above to see all the cool work.

IT IS DAY ONE OF #31Daysof Gumption.

Are you pumped?! Are you participating? (See Recent videos for details.)

For my 31 days I am choosing to create an icon a day. These icons represent ‘tools.’  Tools that I use to craft my creative work.

First up, the camera; it is a vital tool that I have used for years. I first used a camera to document sorority events, which landed me the special position of Historian. (Quite possibly the only one in the history of DBN.) I then upgraded to a nice Canon Rebel T3 to use during my work as a graphic designer. This camera traveled to the UK with me, to Hawaii, Washington DC, and to countless professional and personal events. It still serves as a secondary workhorse in my studio. As my interest in video and photography grows so does the gear that I use! These days I use the camera to capture animals, places, and things that I use in my illustrations. Over the years I have taken countless images to add to my personal library.

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31 Days of Gumption #1 Color-01-32.jpg

31 Days of Gumption Art Challenge

Do you have what it take to create 31 days of Gumption?

This is an art challenge for everyone. Are you looking to put a little more creativity in your life but just need a little push? There is no better way than a rockin' 31-day art challenge. Draw, paint, write, knit, doodle, design, animate your way into a month of fun and creativity. Join me over at @ihavegumption on Instagram or my blog over at to join in the fun in May 2019. Use the hashtag #31daysofGumption on Instagram for a chance to have your work featured!

Gumption in the News!

I would like to extend a big “thank you” to Stephanie Bachman, Danae Lenz, and the Idaho State Journal for this wonderful piece on Gumption! It’s so exciting to be highlighted. I am also very grateful for this kind, encouraging community that can be found here in Pocatello. Many thanks!

To read the article on Idaho State Journal’s website click here.

Image by Jordan Beesley for the Idaho State Journal

Image by Jordan Beesley for the Idaho State Journal

Article Written by Stephanie Bachman for the Idaho State Journal

THE ART OF GUMPTION: Graphic designer adds a new spin on Old Town Pocatello

Old Town Pocatello is rife with personality, and Paige Weber’s Gumption is no exception.

On the third floor of the historic Kane building, Weber’s illustrative design studio is an eclectic pocket full of her art, whether that be its Idaho-shaped stickers of Idaho State University’s Red Hill, watercolor postcards of English cows or posters of the many neon signs that light up the streets of Old Town Pocatello.

“For me, I love to paint, I love to design, and I love digital illustrations,” Weber said. “The variety is what keeps me going.”

Weber moved from Boise in 2015, and in August quit her full-time job and dedicated her efforts toward creating art for her clients and the community. Her mom, who’d been a fine artist in Weber’s early years, helped cultivate her daughter’s love of art, and was one of the inspirations that gave Weber the final push to open up a studio.

“In 2013, (my mom) was diagnosed with terminal cancer and in the last couple months of her life she started to paint again,” Weber said. “And for me, it was a real poignant moment because it took her till the end of her life to pick this up again, and she loved it, and so for myself … I’m going to really make art my business.”

At the start of 2015, she took on a year-long goal to whip out one painting a day and in 2016, leaped headfirst into a project that emphasized the small yet powerful icons that make Pocatello distinct.

In 2017, she created the Gumption Works Zine, a miniature magazine that highlights eateries, hot spots, and events of Old Town, with a flair of the Gumption’s stylized personality coming through the illustrated artwork. Weber distributed these in shops and businesses around the area and would like to launch a new, updated one in the future.

“It was a guerrilla art effort just to get it out to the community,” she said. “I wanted people to know what was great about Pocatello. … I did (a First Friday Art Walk) over at Deckadence, and a lady took a bunch (of zines) to take to her class reunion. It was interesting where it wound up.”

Another project she’s working on is the Neon Lights Collection, where she draws and digitally designs Pocatello’s historical neon lights that are making a welcome and colorful return back to the streets. Among just a few that she’s captured onto paper are the signs of the Chief Theatre, Red’s Key Cycles, Tough Guy Lanes and Buddy’s Italian Restaurant, with more on their way.

“I’m really into neon sign art right now, and that’s all thanks to Pocatello because we are a unique area, and we have a unique situation where we have all these neon signs,” she said.

One of her year-end goals is to create a calendar of the neon signs, but for now she shares her current collection at the Portneuf Valley Farmer’s Market and intends to participate in it this upcoming year.